Prices may vary depending on hair length, thickness, multiple colors used, and time.  Color correction pricing will be determined after an in-salon consultation with a stylist.

(shampoo/condition, cut, blow dry, & style)
Women  $32
Men  $18
Child  $10 & up
($1 per year of age after age 10.) 

Just-a-Cut  $18
(wet/dry hair & cut only).
(No shampoo, blow dry, or style) 

Bang Trim  (complimentary) 
Beard, Mustache, or Neck Trim  $5
Shampoo & Style/Set  $20 

All-Over Color  $65 & up
 Foil ( hi-lights/lo-lights)
Partial Foil  $65 & up
Full Foil  $95 & up
 Cap Frost  $65

Permanent Waves $75 & up


Full Body (customized) Ask Technician
(price break for 3 or more services in one visit)

Bikini  $45
Brazilian-Women  $85
Brazilian-Men  $95
(The traditional Brazilian includes the area just below the navel & all the way around to the small of the back & everything in between. You can do as much or as little as you want.)

Full Leg  $70
Full Leg w/Bikini $105
Full Leg w/Brazilian $145
Half Leg  $50
Half Leg w/Bikini  $85
Half Leg w/Brazilian  $125
Full Arm  $45
Half Arm  $35
Full Back  $65
(top of back down to waist line)
Half Back (low back)  $45
Stomach  $30
Navel  $10
Underarm  $35
Lip/Chin/Brow/Throat  $12ea
 Uni-brow  $5 
Full Face  $40
(lip, chin, brow, cheeks, sideburns, & forehead) 
 Nape of Neck $25
Chest $40
Back of Hands/Fingers  $20
Top of Feet/Toes  $15 
Heidi is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician from the Gene Juarez Academy of Beauty. She specializes in all-over body waxing for men & women. Yes, this includes the much talked about “Brazilian” bikini wax.
Each treatment is sanitary, private, and professional.
The results are incredible!
Go from shaving everyday to waxing once a month! NO MORE prickly stubble! The hair grows back thinner, finer, smoother, and is more hygienic. Come see what all the talks about, call for an appointment today.  You’ll be glad you did!
A Few Wax Facts:
* Hair should be a least ¼ inch, but not longer than ½ inch. If trimming is necessary by the technician, an additional charge may apply. 
* Area(s) should be clean & free of lotion.
* Some redness, bumps, & or swelling may occur depending on service performed (Brazilian) & should decrease within 24 hours. Cold compresses are available for comfort if needed.
* Wear comfortable clothing depending on service performed. (bikini/Brazilian)  
* If kept up every 3 to 4 weeks, without shaving in between visits, hair should grow back in thinner & finer resulting in easier, less painful waxing.
* Ingrown hairs may or may not occur and are rare. If prone to ingrown hairs, a loofah is recommended in those areas.
* Sensitivity is greater just prior to, during, or just after menstrual cycle & is not recommended.
* DO NOT tan before waxing! Wait at least 24 to 48 hours before tanning after waxing.

For Brazilian Clients
To prevent delicate skin from tearing, it's recommended individuals refrain from sexual intercourse for 12 to 24 hours before & after the service or until sensitivity ceases.
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